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Narit Direkwattanachai (About the Author)
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Paperback: 552 pages
Publisher: NARIT & Associates (2011)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-974-496-614-8
Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 16 x 3.2 cm
Shipping Weight: 0.8 kg

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Essential Tax Companion for Operating Business in Thailand

Thailand tax rules may seem hideously complex, hard to learn, often leading to
uncertainty and obscurity. Even the finest tax experts sometimes lose in translation,
not to mention executives who are generally non-tax specialists.

This is where executives will find this book their best tax companion. While it is not
an easy task, the book tries to translate the Thailand tax law into an easy to undertand,
practical guideline in plain English. Execuives can save time, energy and resources by
skipping the complexity but focuing more on its practicality. Brimming with in-depth
insights gained from years of practical experiences, this book also shows how to do
tax planning to minimize taxes, which of course would mean more money can be saved.

At the end it is not about how much money earned, rather,
how much money left after a tax bill is paid.


gA book that is interesting to read these days is What Every Executive Needs to Know
About Thailand Tax
written by a young lawyer, Narit Direkwattanachai, a lawyer from
Cambridge, an owner of the law firm of NARIT & Associates. Not only foreign executives,
but also lawyers and business executives should get and read this book because it peels
off the skin of the Thai tax system, which has many rules and regulations that cause
problems for investors, as well as identifies the ways for tax planning to individual persons
and juristic persons in order to reduce the expenses properly without any problem.h


gThailand is well-known for its liberal policy promoting foreigners to invest and conduct
business. What Every Executive Needs to Know About Thailand Tax is a comprehensive,
simplified, and helpful book on the indispensable topic of tax planning. Executives will
be knowledgeable about personal and corporate income taxes, other government
taxes, tax planning strategies and privileges to legally minimize tax burden and double
taxation. Understanding Thailand tax system is crucial to operate a successful business and enhance competitiveness. It is essential for anyone who wishes to be ready for the advent
of ASEAN Economics Community in 2015.h

-- Satit Chanjavanakul
10th Secretary General, Thailand Board of Investment

gNarit walks us through some tax fundamentals in plain English that all executives should
know. As an attorney who deals with international tax, Narit shares with us insights on
tax aspects of cross border transactionsh

-- Dusit Nontanakorn
Chairman, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand

gI just finished reading your book and I must say, well done! The ability to take a
complicated concept and break it down to the bare essentials and make knowledge
accessible to the layman is a true gift, and your book does just that! Additionally the style
of writing and diction employed make the read easy and the pages just fly by. I really
enjoyed reading it and have decided to pass it around the office!h

-- Khalid Hashim
Managing Director, Precious Shipping PCL.

gI had the opportunity to go through your book and find it a very good reference
material for any foreigner planning to start a business in Thailand. I would, also,
recommend this book as well to businessmen or professionals who are staying in
Thailand who need a good reference book on taxes in Thailand. It is simple to read
and well organized. Congratulations on your fine effort.h

-- Yeap Swee Chuan
Chairman, Malaysian Thai Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO, Aapico Hitech Plc.

gDoing business in Thailand is very difficult for the gfarangh or foreigner. There are
many pitfalls to be careful of including labour, customs, shareholders and others.
Finding good advice on how to address these issues is also very difficult, as it is
more often who you know, or what your position in society is thatfs important
more than the written document, contract, law or regulation.

Even Farangs that have been in Thailand for many years get caught out by customers,
suppliers and employees on a regular basis. This problem is what makes this book special.

A simple to read and understand guide to the taxation system is vitally important
to help the Farang executive know and understand the many forms and requirements
(most of which are prepared and presented in Thai) that are a necessary part of
business here. It is long overdue and not something that the Thai government would look
to publish anytime soon.

NARIT and Associates have had a long history of connections and experience with
the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, and indeed many of the expat
communities. The many years of hands on experience coupled with a solid British
Education makes his advice second to none in this area. This book is a must for any
Farang wanting to start a business in Thailand or even for the long term expatriate
manager/owner who is looking to ensure maximum advantages are gained while
still complying with the letter and spirit of Thai tax law.h

-- Andrew Durieux
President, Australian-Thai Chamber of Commerce
Director, Coverage Ltd.

gI have well received your book What Every Executive Needs to Know About Thailand Tax
and I have read it during this Lunar New Year Holidays. I am very impressed with the
content and the examples that your book has mentioned. Your expertise on Thailand tax,
culture and character of Thai people has provided very appropriate advices to
tax payers, especially executives, financial controllers, CEOs, CFOs, and etc. I am
delighted to read it because your book has chosen a very simple, plain and conversational language so it is easy to understand and pick up. And I laughed when I spotted some of
your humorous quotes. You have made a bore subject etaxationf easy and vivid.

My company doing the foods export has encountered a VAT problem in 1994. I was fined
6 millions Baht due to my non-cooperation with revenue office. It took me 3 years to pay
back this fine and I was forced to bail me out- all caused by different view or
interpretation of tax. I should have been able to avoid this penalty, if I had received
your book earlier. Your book has enlightened my understanding of Thailand taxation and
I do appreciate your contributions and efforts in publishing it. h

-- Preston Cheng
Vice President, Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Thailand
Former President, Thai-Taiwan Business Association

gThis book provides a practical framework for understanding Thailandfs taxation, pointing
out any tax pitfalls that everyone should avoid and highlighting what a company can do
to take a full advantage of our tax system. Narit offers us valuable tips in plain English that potentially can save your money.h

-- Dhongchai Lamsam
President, Loxley Public Company Limited

gNarit claims that this book is What Every Executive Needs to Know About Thailand Tax.
I must say it is absolutely correct. This book is clearly and cleverly written in plain English
and explains a supposedly complicate topic like tax law in the form suitable for laymen.
It also employs many real-life examples stories which are very practical and easy to
understand. As a CEO for the past twenty years, I recognize the value of learning about

tax planning described very clearly in this book.h
-- Dr. Charles Cheung
Chairman, Committee on Trade Competition, Thai Chamber of Commerce
Founder & CEO, CyberDict Technology Ltd.

gFor foreign investors and business doing business in Thailand, one of the most difficult
areas to understand and comply with the rule is tax and its system. Since I started
my own business in 1987 in Thailand, it is first time for me to see the book that you
authored this time in plain English.

Yes, it has been true that dealing with government on taxes was dilemma especially for
foreign businessman, rather than local entrepreneurs. So, I believe this book is really
excellent and well composed for foreign business communities to get a clear
understanding of Thailandfs taxation as it provides in English how to address and make
practical approach to complicate topic for layman .h

-- Ahn Jong-Kug
President, Korean-Thai Chamber of Commerce

gHaving read through the book, I believe it is exactly what the market needs for
newcomers to Thailand. Without going into too much, in depth, detail this book
provides an excellent outline of what is required for businesses which want to know
more about how to manage their own affairs within the Kingdom.h

-- Graham MacDonald
Managing Director, MBMG International




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